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Don’t make any mistake regarding The 666!
The 666 have come to win!

The NEWS that CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera or the international press,
THEY DARE NOT TELL THE WORLD for its great historical consequences!


The historic letter written by the soul of Joan of Arc, to Marine Le Pen to recognize the existence of 666

"Dear colleagues in my party National Front.

"Citizens of France and the world:

"I Marine Le Pen go today to you to officially announce:

" The news that is going to help to change the world.

"This news is the existence of an unexpected and unbelievable to me mystical message has been sent to me by the soul of our beloved Joan of Arc explaining that:

"I recognize and make a political alliance and mystical with 666 now existing in the world to help avoid self-destruction of humanity, and also help build a paradise on earth with our great motherland France.

" Necessary it is to indicate on the matter that the name of the 666 is Miguel Angel Sosa vasquez, has 65 years of age, is citizen Swedish and of the European Union, lives in Stockholm, he is writer and poet whom the literary one of uses pseudonymous; " Michel Smiely 666".

( ENTER !) >>>

"The 666 has already published his book" 666 and His Project 666 (Book 1 of 3) -666 Has Come!"- Which tells the world his incredible and historic political struggle to help build a paradise on earth.

"It is necessary to note in this connection that no critic or specialist, economist, expert political, religious or philosopher, has dared to comment and make an analysis and critique of the book of 666, explaining and presenting its appearance and existence in the world.

"The 666 is a candidate for the presidency of the European Union with its new economic system 666 to create a European Union Wolrd Super state:

"To help avoid self-destruction of humanity and help build a paradise on earth with the project that bears his name and number that represents it, the 666 Project, 666 has been introduced to the world since 1989.

"666 has also participated in Sweden in the last two parliamentary elections in the European Union to fill the requirements legally politicians minimum to satisfy the European Union the truth of his existence, to be registered to have participated in these elections as 666.

"It has also been presented to the world via the Internet since the year 2000 a new economic system 666, from their website www.the666.com all the world can visit and where his heroic life and political struggle to help build a paradise on earth is also fully documented.

"The best proof that a Swedish citizen, Miguel Angel Sosa Vasquez is 666 we have in the fact that any newspaper or news channel in the world has dared to report and discuss their existence, let alone to interview policy.

"The soul of Joan of Arc also tells me in his mystical message that is already published to the world in political and mystical website of 666 www.the666.com that:

"The very God of the Universe has asked me to be me, Marine Le Pen which our party the National Front now being recognized worldwide, in these historic French presidential elections:

"The existence of 666 also making a political and mystic alliance with 666 and that is mystically which helped us to get that 17.90% means a 18% (6-6-6), which we have in the first round of last April 22 (2012), the support of 6.421.426 voters.

"The soul of our beloved Joan of Arc in heaven and God's world has ceased to be illiterate and uneducated woman explained to me also Now in this new communication that sent me, and that is what I'm reading them publicly to you before the world:

"Recognizing me from France and as President of the National Front Party, the emergence and existence of the 666 in the world We're going to get a miraculous political unprecedented electoral victory in the upcoming French legislative elections to be held in the month of June.

"And what is no less important:

"In a situation in which these historic French elections of 2012 are enrolled a total of 46.028.542 of French citizens entitled to vote and there was an abstention of 9.444.143 citizens who did not vote, because the actual turnout was 36.584.399 citizens and valid votes and in these elections April 22, 2012 there were also a number of 701.190 annulled and blank votes.

"If I Marine Le Pen I do not ignore the unexpected and miraculous mystic message of the encourages of Joan of Arc and agree to do now that for me personally never expected or dreamed of alliance politics and mystical, no less than a 666 now existing in the world that is slandered and falsely predicted as an alleged "Antichrist", "Satan" and "reincarnated Devil":

"In the upcoming French legislative elections to be held in June there will be no abstention or votes in white because the existing 46,028,542 of French citizens in our electoral registers:

"Are coming to vote and decide the fate of vote France and the world and even if our known and powerful enemies the politicians and billionaires, banks and markets that are now looting and destroying our beloved country and the world, bring to France the Pope of Rome:

(This is the true soul of the scoundrel and charlatan Pope of Rome Benedict XVI and his church
that killed Joan of Arc, and has committed too many worse ranking crime in the history of mankind).

"In that Benedict XVI is now the Pope of the same false and deceitful Catholic Church, Apostolic and Roman Church that:

"It was the one who murdered and burned alive at the stake for our beloved Joan of Arc when she was only 19 years old, to come to France to help combat the "Antichrist", the re-election of President Nicolas Sarkozy, and saving the unacceptable and unjust world known billionaires banks and markets:

"President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the irresponsible and servile "European Commission" represent, defend and attempt imposed on the European Union, will have the most amazing and miraculous political defeat in legislative elections of June because the acceptance now the historic political and mystical alliance of the speaker Marine Le Pen representing our party the National Front with 666 already existing in the world going to ensure our party:

"The continuation of the mystical support of 666 for our party the National Front have scope to unprecedented success in these upcoming elections French legislation to be held in the month of June and for which:

"I Marine Le Pen, recognizing and accepting now before the French people and the world the wise counsel of the mystical soul of our dear Joan of Arc now asking us to do our necessary and historic political and mystical alliance with 666, thereby also recognizing the historical existence of 666:

"I invite also officially on behalf of our party and all travel expenses paid stay in France and also for our party National Front:

"In that slandered and boycotted 666 now existing in the world as it has been too long I, Marine Le Pen and our party the National Front for that:

"The 666 come here and participate personally in France, helping us as our great political ally that God Himself of the Universe has sent us now through the unexpected and miraculous mystical message of our Joan of Arc:

"He asks us to do now with the help of 666 in this historic year of 2012 a new French revolution that will change the course of history mankind to:

"May we obtain this miraculous and incredible electoral victory we will have our National Front in the month of June with our unexpected and miraculous and mystical historic political alliance with the 666.

"We now have the duty to fight to get that miraculous, incredible and overwhelming electoral victory in the next elections French will be held in the month of June because this new triumph is that we will allow:

"Power in France legislatively prevent any departure from the historical policy goals that will have for France to the European Union for the world, this unexpected great alliance politics and mysticism of the speaker Marine Le Pen President of our great Party, the National Front with 666 now existing in the world.

"And what is no less important:

"The great political alliance between Marine Le Pen and the 666 is going to prevent the Socialist candidate Francois Hollande is a carbon copy in France's failed socialist Spanish former President Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero:

"Having even a socialist parliamentary majority in Spain chose to betray his own ideals Social Democrats and simply let go into bankruptcy economically to their country Spain:

For never have the courage to stand worthily billionaires, banks and markets and the familiar axis of evil that is now the "Merkozy" that:

"This destroying and looting the European Union to pay for economic misdeeds and crimes of the real culprits in creating the economic crisis now existing in our beloved country, France and the European Union itself, the billionaires, banks and markets who are guilty, and not and never the peoples of the European Union nations.

"With this historic alliance of Marine Le Pen and the 666 is what we'll be able to prevent the Socialist leader Francois Hollande is going to be the new president of France with our help and support but it will not ever have any majority in our "French parliament," and repeated in comet in France as president "socialist", the unfortunate political mistakes that Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero as a good president "social democrat" committed in Spain.

"This is going to be so because in that alliance politics and mysticism with 666 the soul of Joan of Arc offers the following:

"1. Our party the National Front will form part of the next French government that will be led by Francois Hollande who will win the French presidency next May 6, 2012 with the help and support of Marine Le Pen and the 666.

"2. The speaker Marine Le Pen will be the Vice-president of a new European Union Super state or New World " Western Roman Empire " with 666 as the President, an that 666 will create with his new economic system 666 that the soul of Joan of Arc he explains to me, all of you and the world in its historical mystical message addressed to me and that is dated April 24, 2012 that:

"The creation of a new European Union that is not serving the billionaires, banks and markets to ensure the existence of society welfare and is also a World Super state with a constitution, a new global economy that truly serve of humanity and the whole world with an army that guarantees its existence and defense-to-cite examples:

"It's the only way possible to help avoid self-destruction of humanity with their unacceptable and known worlds injustices and build a paradise on earth that guarantees to all men, women, races, peoples, countries and nations of the earth, social welfare, labor protection and economic security, eradication of poverty, disease and hunger, economic development and progress with freedom, equality, justice, happiness, peace and love.

All this is true because:

"The undeniable reality of the human species is that all men, women, races, peoples, nations and countries now existing in the world we to live together as brothers because we are all brothers and also run the same fate, and any error, evil and destruction that we do on this planet earth that now serves us world always affect us all.

"Finally it is necessary to note that:

(Murder at the stake of Joan of Arc, committed by the
criminal Inquisition of the Catholic Church, Apostolic and Roman).

"In a situation in which as you all know Joan of Arc was condemned to be burned alive at the stake in 1430 for having the ability mystical power to hear and receive God's messages:

"In this historic France, 2012 I'm not in any danger or risk to be condemned to death and burned alive at the stake for any tragic inquisition, to affirm that this letter I, Marine Le Pen, I have the responsibility and the value of reading to you in the most important moments of French presidential election campaign, written for me to read before you and the world through the soul's own Joan of Arc.

To communicate to the world that France and Marie Le Pen and National Front have now and accept the solution that God himself has appointed to save France and the world, supporting the necessary and just struggle of 666 to build a paradise on earth.

In a situation then where reality and the facts speak for themselves, I Marine Le Pen, publicly admit before the world the existence of 666 and agree to make a political and mystic alliance between my party the National Front and the 666 to help create from France with the new economic system 666:

"A new European Union Super state Global with 666 president and Marine Le Pen vice president who is going to have the bore of the Empress Elisabeth of Austria, " Sissi", mystical wife of the 666, like the mystic Empress of that new Roman empire of the West.

"It can not be otherwise for having me, Marine Le Pen, the inescapable duty as President of the National Front before my match against my own people French and this great nation and home to France to which I belong, represent and defend your best interests always before God and men.

"And in a situation in which the best example of the existence of God, God's justice and God's anger has always been the Jewish people, and when Israel has disobeyed the mandate and the law of God has suffered the worst tragedies because:

"1. Israel with Egyptian and Babylonian empires suffered slavery.

"2. Israel with the Roman Empire suffered destruction.

"3. Israel with Adolf Hitler suffered extermination.

"I, Marine Le Pen and my party the National Front, we will not never make mistakes they have made the Jews throughout the course of its history, to reject the offers of God when God has done the same.

It is necessary to point out about the latest offer from God that Israel has rejected despite having been sent mystically THROUGH THE encourages its own prophet Elijah has been precisely:

"Do not accept offers of God to Israel to recognize the existence of 666 and make an alliance with the 666, to help ensure successful security, happiness and existence of the Jewish people and the state of Israel in the world. ( ENTER !) >>>

" In a situation in which the supply to make an alliance between Marine Le Pen and the 666 have been sent me by God through bore of our dear Juana de Arco:

"I, Marine Le Pen, I agree to the alliance politics and mysticism with 666, an alliance that also means finally recognition from France of existence now in the world of 666 and Marine Le Pen and National Front:

"We also present/display from this new French Revolution that we are going to realise like the best solution to be able to solve:

"The unacceptable injustices, political, economic, social, military and religious problems existing now in the world that also threaten taking to the humanity to their own self-destruction; the solutions that now present/display to the world the 666.

"Marine Le Pen
President of the National Front party.
Paris, France. "

The soul Joan of Arc.
Writer of this letter and witness mystical,
reading you can do the same Marine Le Pen,
to the French nation and the world.

The question that is making billionaires now tremble, banks and markets, "Merkozy" and their paid lackeys shameful of the European Commission and the bureaucrats in Brussels is:

Marine Le Pen finally will have the responsibility, the VALUE and conscience, to accept and pick up the sword of justice I Joan of Arc, have given to Her mystically and publicly before the world, from the great mystical altar of the 666? …

Publicado en esta pagina web por el

Departamento de Parapsicología y Ciencias Ocultas
Proyecto 666

Departamento de Parapsicología y Ciencas Ocultas
Proyecto 666

Friday April 27, 2012, Stockholm, Sweden. (16:00 GMT)



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The 666 love you
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To help to save Mankind

And make a Paradise on Earth!


The 666 letters
To Ted Turner



(A letter that can change to better mankind’s History if Mr. Ted Tunner supports Mr. 666)

(“Project 666” by Michel Smiely “666”)

666 -Michel Smiely-
(PROJECT 666/The 666.com)

Website; www.The666.com
(Old address; http://members01.chello.se/project666)


Friday 13th, April 2001.
Stockholm, Sweden.

Mr. Ted Turner

Dear Mr. Turner,

When you read this letter my prays are for you to receive God’s blessings, glory and great successes.

I offer you here Mr. Ted, the opportunity to help guarantee the existence of the free press in the whole world and the right of every people, nations and countries to be always informed without any censorship in the world news.

As the CNN grounder, you have done a very excellent job for the existence and technical development of the free press in the world.

You have also prove to be a great philanthropic man as well as a man of greatness, conscience and responsibility toward mankind. With the donation of 1 Billion Dollars to the United Nation, you have contributed to help mankind in their development and in their security This is only mentioning one example of your contribution and help to mankind development and security.

Now Mr. Ted, you have the opportunity with me to guarantee that your contributions and financial help to mankind will not vanished, but will endure forever. WHY?… Because:

Rich people all over the world have already the historical opportunity to help to with their money the creation of a Paradise on Earth by supporting “PROJECT 666”.


Do not let The 666 built a Paradise on Earth without you!.

Please, allow me to introduce myself to you. My name is MICHEL SMIELY “666”, -or Miguel Angel Sosa Vásquez, Swedish citizen-. I AM THE “666” or “MR. 666”, as I already have being affectionately called in the European political ambit, where the destiny of mankind is being planned.

I am the creator and author of “PROJECT 666” to make a Paradise on Earth.


My political enemies accuse me to be the so called famous “ANTICHRIST” an enemy of God that the Holy Bible predicts. In reality I am only a fighter and a man who deeply believes and loves mankind. I will make a Paradise on Earth with “Project 666”.

My existence today in the world as The 666 with Project 666” is the fulfilment of a very important prophecy, but it is wrongly tackled in the Holy Bible, because the 666 is not the “Antichrist” nor “Satan” likewise he is not the “Reincarnated Devil”.

As The 666 I am, the best ally of God for all necessary tasks specially to make a Paradise on Earth, to avoid that Armageddon and the destruction of the whole world, which is predicted in the Holy Bible.

You can believe now me Mr. Ted, when I say that I will rule the whole world from the Third Temple of Jerusalem together with my Great Spiritual Father, Inspirer and Protector Jesus Christ, also with the help of an International Worldwide Government which I will create with the 66 best political leaders and businessman from the whole world.

You can also believe me Mr. Ted, when I say that I have already began indirectly as The 666 to rule the world since the last USA election on November 7th, 2000, by helping wining Mr. George W. Bush to become the President of the USA done with the support of magical powers bedded in my 666 Project (I will always use these powers to help me built a Paradise on Earth).

Great philantropist american TED TURNER,
can help The 666 to make a Paradise on Earth!

If President George W. Bush does not brake his Spiritual Political Agreement which is very deep in his Conscience and Mind, then he will become one the greatest and best Presidents in the whole History of the USA.

I hereby invite you Mr. Ted, to be one of these 66 great political leaders and businessman from all over the world, with whom I will create a Worldwide Government to rule successfully the whole world and create a Paradise on Earth with Project 666.

Under such circumstances Mr. Ted, if you invest 200 Million Dollars to support my political struggle in the world to make a a Paradise on Earth with Project 666, then you will be investing every cent of this money also in the very best of yourself.

Mr. Ted, as the great businessman and newsman, you will be reaching even more success, richness, happiness and greatness with me on my side, as a powerfully member of that future International Worldwide Government that I will create as The 666, to rule successfully the whole world.

On my side Mr. Ted you will have the power that you need to help you make all the important and required decisions in order to guarantee mankind happiness and existence. Today you do not have such power.

As a great Newsman you also have Mr. Ted, , the opportunity to brake the very good news for mankind when you support actively my Project 666 investing the 200 Million Dollars named above and accepting my invitation to become one of my best political ally in the struggle needed to make a Paradise on Earth.

I only ask you Mr. Ted to invest 200 Million Dollars plus your support, due to the fact that you already have donated 1 Billion Dollars to the United Nations (I would have done the same if I had the means to do it). To differentiate you from the others, I am asking Mr. Bill Gates to invest One Billion Dollars in my Project 666.

I have ask to Mr. Bill Gates also to join forces with me and to invest 1 BILLION DOLLARS in my Project 666, to help to develop with this money all the very sophisticated technology that is needed to produce, distribute and market worldwide the “666 Identity Code”, “666 Business Code” and “666 Business System”. Besides it is important to have very well equipped the coming generations with all the know how procedures of highly sophisticated computers and machinery that hopefully with Mr. Gate’s help, we shall develop and put these items into practice contained in Project 666 all over the world.

Mr. Bill Gates will also be more rich and powerful as my business partner supporting Project 666, but if he should reject my offer, then I will be forced to ask another billionaire or perhaps the managers of a big business enterprise in the world. Anyhow I will succeed.

This means Mr. Ted, that only with the development of the very high and sophisticated technology of Project 666 I will be the riches man in the world (with or without the help of Mr. Bill Gates). My Great Spiritual Father, Inspirer and Protector Jesus Christ, has promised me to make me the richest man in the world so that I can be able to help transforming it).

I will explain to you now Mr. Ted, why it is very important for me your economic support of the 200 Million Dollars.

There is now against me, as The 666, the largest economic blockade in the world, because of false rumours and wrongly understood predictions written in the Holy Bible. There they presents me as a supposed “Antichrist”, “Satan” or “Reincarnated Devil”.

In such unhappy situation, as a writer I have already lost for the past fifteen years more than 800 Million Dollars, because nobody has dared to publish the book “Project 666”. I know that I could have sold over 300 million copies in the world. Not to mention all kind of business and income that I lost from several university conferences financial and religious institutes, banks, and other interested organizations that I could have lectured (and do business) all over the world.

Personally these tragic consequences derived from those shameful and unfair persons against me as The 666 are very bad.


I can not make a living as a Writer I am forced to live in economic misery and to survive in a capitalist society like Sweden, with the help of the of Swedish Social welfare until better times will come.

I can not make any business with my Project 666 and I am living every day with threats for my life, because many religious fanatic people want to hurt and kill me, they want to believe that I am the “Antichrist”, “Satan” and the “Reincarnated Devil” as predicted in the Holy Bible.

I am also always forced to “watch my back” against conspiracy from reactionary and criminal forces of the “Swedish establishment”, which have already failed in their very bad move and criminal conspiracy trying to set me up, arguing that I am a “mad” and “sick” man, just to take away my social welfare and force me to stop further studies and independent research that I must do at Stockholm’s University, because I am aiming to win the Nobel Prize in Economy with my Project 666. As you can understand, in such unhappy situation I can not live a normal married live with a family.

Frankly Mr. Ted I explain all this things to you because I want you to understand that the same thing would have happened even to you or to anybody saying; “I am the 666 and I will make a Paradise on Earth with my Project 666”!

Under such painful and dangerous circumstances there is no one in the world that can take my place as the 666. Psychiatry clinics are full with all kind of disturbed people, but not one of them dares to say that he is the 666. Even the most courageous people would never dare to joke or pretend to be in the world the 666.

No charlatan, fake, mad or sick person can fulfil the predictions of the apparition of the 666 in the world, or substitute him and play this very important role in mankind’s history. A very good prove of this is only the creation of the political, economic and religious theory, that can bring Him into power in the European Union and in the whole world. This makes it impossible for any charlatan, fake, mad or sick person to do it. For any false 666, it is simply an impossible task to realize it. (perhaps only in Hollywood twisted made fantasies).

In mankind’s history, very powerfully mystical forces have avoided that such thing happen, because my apparition in the world as the 666, has always been a very important event in , because it is connected with the return to Earth of my Great Spiritual Father, Inspirer and Protector Jesus Christ to accomplish the task to help Him to make a Paradise on Earth with Project 666.

It is in such situation Mr. Ted, I come now asking for your help and economic support to Project 666. If you support me now, then many others billionaires will follow your example supporting me financially. But in case you choose not support me, then I will certainly find another person to do it.


I have now open in Internet my website Project 666. There is also “The Mankind’s Bank” (or “The 666’s Bank”) with a new kind of money that will help to regulate and control the economy for the best of the world.

THE 666’s MONEY is based on my new political, new economic and new social system for the European Union (and the whole world), using the number 666 as a new currency to built a Paradise on Earth.

I began with the creations of 999, 999 billions dollars share of my “666 Electronic Bonus System” at One Dollar a share, which I will sale to the whole world.

This “666 Electronic Bonus System” serves as basis for the new money. At the end it will control and regulate the world’s economy, for the very best of mankind.

“The Mankind’s Bank” is the first and the only bank in the whole world that will make and will have a currency without any inflation. Such economic and political miracle is only possible to achieve with my new political, economic and social system for the European Union. Using 666 as the new currency to make a Paradise on Earth. When in practice, I shall win a Nobel Prize in Economy with such system.

I have already donated to mankind 6,000 Billions Dollars shares of One dollar each. From April 13th, 2001, all people and women on our Earth planet (including you, Mr. Tunner), have a dollar share donated by me, at “The Mankind’s Bank”.

WHY have I opened in Internet the first bank in the World with a currency that will never suffer any inflation?.

BECAUSE I will change the economic system and it shall become the best in the whole world. With my “666 Business System”, the “666 Business Code” and the “666 Identity Code”, world business management will be adecuated to make a Paradise on Earth.

The new money without inflation in the world ( “The 666 Money”), will be established on an electronic basis, it will be included in my “666 Electronic Bonus System”. This unique System was specially created for me to built a Paradise on Earth.

From my Bank in Internet I will appeal to all the people in the world to open and account (big or small). I will guarantee that the money invested in my bank shall be used exclusively to make a Paradise on Earth.

The only condition that is required to open an account in my bank will be a 6 YEARS deposit term in which the money will always remain in the bank and will earn and accumulated 3% simple interest rate.

This 3% simple interest rate is based on my “666 Electronic Bonus System” to make a Paradise on Earth, I can and will guarantee to every client of my bank that their money will not suffer any inflation, consequently it will also allow me to confront competition from others banks that offer higher interest rates such as 8% , 15% and even 25% per year, but with a must probable inflation, not to mention the possibility of bankruptcy, which is also constantly threatening and present like their own shadow.

“The 666” Bank offers the whole world earnings at a low interest rate, namely a 3%, (simple interest rate), but WITH A NON INFLATION GUARANTEE OF THE MONEY. You can be very sure Mr.Tunner that, a vast majority will deposit their money in my bank. Besides this, also because their money will be used exclusively to help make a Paradise on Earth.

In such situation I guarantee you and the whole world that, I can do a real worldwide revolution in finance without any kind of violence, blood bad and even without shooting a single bullet or cheating any person in the world.

I am capable to do all those things because I put forward in my Project a correct and wise Bank, limit that serves also as a limit to the human greedy. All this is done following the advice of my Great Spiritual Father, Inspirer and Protector Jesus Christ, precisely to create a Paradise on Earth with my Project 666 that will also help mankind to avoid Armageddon which is predicted in the Holy Bible and can actually take place in the world if we do not put a wise and correct stop now, limiting human greedy.

I can guarantee you Mr. Ted, that the majority of the people from the whole world will put their saving in my bank and at the end, I will impose in the whole world, without violence, through fair and noble business competition my new economic, new political and new social system for the European Union and the whole world, using the Number 666 as a currency to make a Paradise on Earth.

All this means Mr. Ted, that your 200 million Dollars can help change mankind’s history for the best of humanity. No other person can do such thing in the world only with 200 million dollars, neither can they do it with 200 billion dollars, even with several trillions of dollars would be impossible. Such economic miracle it is only possible to do it with my new economic, new political and new social system for the European Union and the whole world, based on 666 currency to make a Paradise on Earth.

I have bee able to make this system only with the help and support of my Great Spiritual Father, Inspirer and Protector, Jesus Christ. In such situation, Mr. Ted, nobody can copy or cheat my system and I am the only man in the world who can implement it, because I am the 666.

Mr. Ted, you know now that I can give you a guarantee as The 666 with my Project 666. It would be a mistake from you to refuse to invest the 200 Million Dollars. Besides, you will get them back in a 12 years period plus a simple interest rate of 3%.

I will pay you back your money Mr. Ted. As the 666 I must do it, otherwise I could be punished by the same mystical forces. I would also ask you to continue being a really god example as a philanthropic man and as a billionaire making grater successes helping other people to change the world for the best of mankind, with new ideas, new economic and political solutions for the big problems of the world.

You will find included a copy of my letter to President George W. Bush, where I offer him and the United States of America, my help and support with my Project 666, to sign the “Kyoto Agreement” covering part of all economic costs with my “666 Electronic Bonus System”.

It means Mr. Ted, that if you don’t invest this 200 Millions Dollars, it will be more difficult for President Bush to sign the “Kyoto Agreement” without my help and support as the 666.

The very best of all this situation is that you are a private businessman, who can do what ever you want with your money. Therefore It is easier for Mr. Ted Tunner to do business with “Mr. 666”and his “666 Project” that Mr. George W. Bush to do it as politician.

But, being Mr. Bush the President of the United States of America, I know that it will be more difficult for him to reject my offer, having you, Mr. Ted, as a very well know American business man, with me, believing in my proposal, trusting me and doing business together in order to help to change the world into a better one.

It would be a historic and indisputable great merit for you to have the correct and right intuition believing and trusting in the 666 and investing 200 Million Dollars as a loan to put into practice the “666 Electronic Business System” in the world to make a Paradise on Earth.

But it would be very shameful for you Mr. Ted, even for President Bush, if the money comes from the Libyan President Mr. Mohamed Khadaffi, or from Mr. Sadam Hussein, or from another one who is a very controversial politic leader from our time.

In the situation where my Great Spiritual Father, Inspirer and Protector Jesus Christ died accompanied by two bad men. He forgave one of them. That gesture makes it impossible for me to reject the economical help of the Libyan President Mr. Mohamed Khadaffi, because I’m suppose to follow my Fathers example.

You can be sure Mr. Ted, that I shall knack all doors in the world searching for help to support my Project 666 to make a Paradise on Earth. If at the end a “bad man” is the only one who helps me, then I will have to extend him a kind of “666 amnesty” to accept his support, because unfortunately sometimes it does happen that what’s suppose to be the very best for mankind the “god guys” do not always understand it.

A recent example of such situation is the refusal of President George W. Bush to sign The “Kyoto Agreement”. If President Bush (a god guy) refuses to sign it, then He would be making more damage and destruction in the whole world that Mr. Saddam Hussein have already made. Such is the lamentable political reality in today’s world.

BY INVESTING NOW 200 MILLION DOLLARS AS A LOAN TO “PROJECT 666”, you are actually doing what’s best for your money. Besides you have a guarantee and the opportunity to SHARE WITH ME THE ADMINISTRATION OF TOMORROW’S WORLD AND THE REAL POWER INVESTED IN “PROJECT 666”.

Do not miss this fantastic opportunity to help me as The “666”, to join me and be inside of tomorrow’s power within the European Union and “Project 666”.

Do not hesitate, kindly send your 200 MILLION DOLLARS AS A LOAN to Project 666, to my bank account in Sweden at the following address.

(“Exportation Suecia del Caribe –Export/Import-“)
Account Number; 5201- 10 114 18, Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken
Sergels torg 2
106 40 Stockholm

666 -Michel Smiely-
Website; http://members01.chello.se/project666

E-mail: project666@chello.se


I end here this letter to you Mr. Ted, hopping that you will join forces with me. Only yourself can make your own decision. I will never use the magical powers of Project 666 to convince anybody to support and help me to make a Paradise on Earth because, I believe is a duty for everybody to do it.

I have a very special agreement with my Great Spiritual Father, Inspirer and Protector Jesus Christ; the construction of a Paradise on Earth to help and support mankind. We are always and always will be a product of mankind. It is our own free will to support or reject the possibility to become part of the heavenly Project 666 and of my existence today in the world as the 666.

As the 666, It will never happen to me the same thing that happened to my Great Spiritual Father, Inspirer and Protector Jesus Christ who was killed and extremely painfully died for nothing, because his example and true legacy to mankind, has been never understood or really accepted by mankind. We are living now in the worst time of the world; a world full of injustice and unhappiness, that unfortunately is going towards its own destruction.

As the 666, I am a cosmic being from the Universe, today reincarnated as a man. I am a cosmic entity of thousands reincarnations from thousand worlds. I, have seen the own destruction of unhappy worlds in the Cosmos and have suffered like my Great Spiritual Father, Inspirer and Protector Jesus Christ, the pain of seeing the destruction and lost of those worlds.

But our very high moral and well developed sense of justice, love and happiness, –just to mention a few examples-, don’t allow us to take or robe the free will of anybody, neither to impose to anybody our cosmic believe or way of life. The only thing we can do is to appear, and knock all the doors in the world to show to mankind, the correct way of living and find freedom, equality, justice, progress, love and happiness, as I am doing now with Project 666.

Now, it is up to you and to other men like you, Mr. Ted Tunner, to help and make possible the best dreams since all times of mankind; the construction of Paradise on Earth.

God bless you and help us to become friends, brothers and ally, in the struggle that is necessary to make a Paradise on Earth!.

With my best regards and salutations and looking forward for your news,

Sincerely yours,

666 –Michel Smiely-
(For President of the European Union
with the Project 666, to make a Paradise on Earth!)


666 - The 666 - 666 - Project 666 - 666 - The 666 - 666 - Project 666 - 666 - The 666 - 666 - Project 666 - 666 - The 666 - 666

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