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Don’t make any mistake regarding The 666!
The 666 have come to win!

The NEWS that CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera or the international press,
THEY DARE NOT TELL THE WORLD for its great historical consequences!


The 666 are going to make lose the elections and presidential re-election in France to Nicholas Sarcozy the next 6 of May of the 2012.

A new French Revolution will take place in France with the help of 666
On May 6, 2012 to help build a paradise on earth.

The NEWS that CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera or the international press,
THEY DARE NOT TELL THE WORLD for its great historical consequences!


The historical truth of the repentant soul of the dictator
Muammar al-Gaddafi, to the President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy.

"Good morning my well-remembered and beloved "friend" Nicolas Sarkozy:

"As you can see very well now in this last phase of your presidential campaign, there is life after death.

"I pointed out about what parts of my latest thoughts on this movie on our entire life in thousandth fractions of seconds:

"All men and women and men living at the time of death are related to God and to live without lies or deceit, I had many thoughts for you, my most memorable and beloved "friend" and "great political ally," President Nicolas Sarkozy because:

"My arrest and murder took place with the help of an air strike that "liberating Alliance" directed by you and to steal the oil from Libya, attacked my country and also in with a stroke of luck, attacked the military convoy that I Muammar al-Gaddafi, was traveling and try to escape.

(Muammar al-Gaddafi, who was captured alive and begging for mercy, is abused and murdered
publicly in a settling of accounts by combatants excited against the tyrant).

"In all honesty, I
Muammar al-Gaddafi:

"I got my life finally deserved because I threatened publicly to kill all my people of Libya stopped supporting me and finally my corruption own personal and political mistakes:

"He forced them to rebel after the" Arab spring " and the overthrow of President Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, and also against what was a Libya unacceptable reality in the existence of my personal tyranny "Islamist".

"I actually due to have accepted the realization of the negotiated political agreement that offered me, for me, Muammar al-Gaddafi, could retire from political life in Libya and even stay living in Libya, not only with dignity and honor but also as a great hero who helped to the realization of a necessary democratic change in my country.

"Of course this is a truth That I Muammar al-Gaddafi I can only Recognize now, after death when to the Truths and facts can not be Before God never hidden. Especially in a situation in Which Men and Political Leaders When They Have wealth and power equipment in the world, They always believe What They can do please, kill, suppress, steal, for always believing That They Are infallible, and eternal Impunity.

"And as you very well you're doing well now my remembered and loved " friend " and " great political ally Nicolas Sarkozy ", believing also the corrupt political leaders, thieves and scoundrels that:

"They always have the right to be re-elected president claiming themselves to be" savior "and " messiah " of their peoples and countries, in a situation in which known as the overthrow and murder of the tyrant Muammar al-Gaddafi is concerned:

"It is truly shameful and regrettable that they were all of you, just you, the current political leaders of the Union European, and especially you, my most memorable and beloved "friend" and "great political ally" Nicolas Sarkozy which:

"After having obtained during my very big government tyranny and economic benefits with all that oil from Libya sold them to you and I, Muammar al-Gaddafi, after having abandoned my mistaken terrorist militancy never use against France, against England, against the European Union against the United States, as no commercial instrument of blackmail.

"On the contrary, I myself always fulfillment of that great political agreement we had, that of the oil to sell you my country Libya, without causing problems with that because my desire to allow China to participate as well as economic partner in the exploitation of Libya's oil, which was based in China:

"He has the economic capacity to make the necessary and costly investments needed to do about it and that oil companies European examples to quote, not ever want to do because:

"We produce more benefits to maintain the high price of oil and gasoline in the world doing about gangster trade agreements and political events in the shade and "behind the curtain" between the oil industries known French, English and American, with the corrupt economic tycoons and political leaders who now rule the world from Paris, London and Washington, to cite examples.

"The inevitable tragedy of all of you political leaders and religious leaders, billionaires, sheiks, kings, emirs, presidents, prime minister, "Saviors", "Messiah" and "Founding Fathers" now have their mortal existences in the material world of men is that when they die:

"They can not take to the grave none of their wealth, none of its power and none of his lies, inevitably have to answer after death before God with the truth of one's actions and deeds, good and bad they do in life.

"Being dead has the advantage that death ends her lies and hypocrisy that the ephemeral human existence requires the majority of primarily men who aspire to be rich and powerful no matter the price, personal injury and caused evil in the world for their coveted riches and personal power.

"That's why when one is dead or dying when you can really tell the truth. That's why we also accepted that even the most criminal and scoundrel man can exist in the world at the moment of death always tells the truth and repent also of his crimes and misdeeds.

"Had such been the situation in my life and material life in the world that the international news channels such as BBC, CNN and Al Jazeera to cite examples, had informed the world about the emergence and existence of the 666, I Muammar al-Gaddafi in life:

"I could have acted differently to know for example because a biblically predicted 666 " Antichrist ", " Satan " and " re-incarnate devil, " is the only talking and fighting now in the world by building a world of justice and paradise on earth, as a necessary measure in order to help avoid self-destruction of humanity itself under the weight of their own worlds of injustice.

"This is true because, who would not be interested in the world to know and know about the emergence and existence of a man as 666, with biblically predicted as a "antichrist", "Satan" and "re-incarnate devil":

"What it does is offer to all men, women, races, peoples, nations and countries of the world, building a paradise on earth with freedom, equality, justice, happiness, peace and love.

"Had I known of the existence of 666 and known also by reports of the news channels BBC World, CNN and Al Jazeera; the political struggle, economic approaches, philosophical, religious and mystical teachings that 666 he is now giving the world, and whose veracity the existence of these approaches is also:

"What can I Muammar al-Gaddafi, for example can now be dead after the incredible, unexpected and miraculous opportunity to speak on all these things, because now be permitted to me, the soul of a repentant Muammar al-Gaddafi to these statements mystical THROUGH THE 666 altar of, unexpected action, mystical miracle signal with the 666:

"This unquestionably the world demonstrating the existence of life after death and the true God existing in the universe that 666 represents and defends the world now, true God who has never created men to punish or destroy but to protect it, love it and ensure their safety, happiness and existence in the universe:

"I Muammar al-Gaddafi in life, to have had the OPORTUNITY to know about reports the existence in the world of 666, had been spiritually the need to meet and listen to a man as 666 at least out of curiosity, and to learn, listen and talk to the 666 now after death I know I could have acted differently and avoided making the tragic mistakes that led to my death.

"If a man of the political nature of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Muammar al-Gaddafi I gave her my generous financial aid of € 50m (Fifty million Euro) to help finance his successful presidential campaign in France in 2007, to 666 to have known would have given not €50m him but up to billions of Euros, in a situation in which like mortal I tapeworm all the wealth of the world at my disposal.

"But this is the great tragedy that characterizes men invoke and we respect and love God when in fact we do is ignore it, denigrate and disrespect when we do our accomplices of crimes and misdeeds of our lies, falsehoods and hypocrisies. And what is even more irresponsible and unacceptable:

"When God sends us men to their great son and representative of Jesus Christ to help save the world, what we do is crucify and kill him. And when God sends us into the world to 666 now to help save the world what we do is "ignore" to reject it and call it of "crazy" because:

"Stocks of Jesus Christ and now of 666, can never be accepted in the world by scoundrels and political leaders and religious fakers whose temples and palaces of government God ever shines by its absence.

"Now that Muammar al-Gaddafi I'm dead is when I know about the existence of 666 in the world. And I now that 666 is not any "Antichrist", "Satan" or "Devil re-incarnate:

"I publicly call upon all Arab billionaires, kings, princes, sheiks, caliphs and wealthy Arabs in general:

"Do not continue wasting and squandering its economic fortunes known wealth and building more palaces and ornate temples, in a situation so difficult and full of injustices like that ma 90% of humanity is living in the world.

"I bore the repentant Muammar al-Gaddafi, I publicly call upon all Arab billionaires, kings, princes, sheiks, caliphs and Arab billionaires mainly from Saudi Arabia, Kwait, the United Arab Emirates to cite examples, to call, listen listen and meet the 666 existing in the world today and that also:

"Act as the Magi and set an example of them, and give now to 666 the necessary recognition as son of God sent and Prince deserves to give economic help and support to 666 because:

"In the fulfillment of that inescapable duty to God for help now to 666 as the representative of God has now sent men to help to avoid self-destruction of humanity and help build a paradise on earth with 666:

"It's the best guarantee of survival of all these billionaires, kings, princes, sheiks, caliphs and wealthy Arabs.

All this is true because so far demonstrated to the world:

"The historic appearance and exisentencia of 666 as the true representative and defender of the one God existing in the Universe is neither Christian nor Muslim, Buddhist or to cite examples.

"Appearance and existence of the 666 in the world that none of the politicians you scoundrels, thieves and corrupt people who are now leading the humanity to its own self-destruction will not recognize.

"666 who could not kill to have the protection of God himself and the universe and also for revealing himself 666 to the world and scoundrels billionaires, bankers and markets that have threatened to kill 666 by not accepting the 666 sold the same, 666 to be killed:

"The 666 fulfilling the orders of God will revive and will be realized later in Armagdón with an invincible" Mystic Army 666 ":

"To save what is worth saving for a humanity to ignore now 666 will end thus destroying it, to build a paradise on earth, with the small part that deserves to be saved from humanity by 666. -Needed is clarification.

(See the "Grand Army Mistic of 666") ( ENTRER !) >>>

"If you all my dear friends and former acquaintances of the material world, billionaires, kings, princes, sheiks, caliphs and wealthy Arabs ended ultimately self-destruction, committing corruption and repeating the same mistakes that created personal and my own self-destruction:

"It's a thing that is now up to all of you finally decide on their own lives, stocks and consciences, because I Muammar al-Gaddafi after death, and I have given you all too publicly at this unexpected mystical message to the French people and the world:

"My mystic necessary and wise counsel to recognize and accept the existence of 666 now in the world, and also support financially to 666 in necessary and just struggle to help avoid self-destruction of humanity and to build a paradise on earth.

"The same message to recognize, accept and support to 666 I give also the Communist Party of China and the government of China must accept without further loss of time offers the unique partnership that publicly before the world already has made 666.

"The Communist Party and government of China can not afford to never make the mistake of rejecting the historical offer of alliance political, economic, military and mystique of 666 because of unique alliance entirely by the 666 is that:

"You will be able to successfully maintain the existence of Socialism in China and the direction and government of his Communist Party in China, ensuring social justice, economic security, happiness and progress of the Chinese people with the new Economic System 666.

"And what is no less important:

"In a situation in which the strategic goal of Global Capitalism governed by the United States of America is always achieve the destruction of existence of the Socialist System in China and destroy and take control of government of China to the Chinese Communist Party:

"Helping to bring in the shortest time possible and with the same corruption exists also in the Communist Party and government of China, the same self-destruction that caused the disappearance of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), the European socialist bloc and of itself and once mighty Russian Communist Party politicians whose lamentable mistakes eventually cost him the loss of control of government with the consequences well known.

"Because all this was that also allowed the creation of a new capitalist Russia having been too fragmented and divided, has become in a fourth or fifth power level in the world despite the great wealth and natural resources in Russia, now preserved only part of that ancient and formidable nuclear military power "Soviet Russian" because:

"The current Russian nuclear military power and despite restoration efforts that are about the new Russian capitalist governments, with a Russian military defense budget that is less than the 50,000 million dollars, can not prevent the Russian nuclear military power is increasingly obsolete.

"That's why China now faces the most incredible demands and pressures to accept respect" human rights and freedoms "and the acceptance in China for the existence of "Western democracy" with Chinese billionaires own democratic political parties, free and private newspapers, channels television and other media and also the existence of:

"The privatization of schools, universities, hospitals, and own strategic industries and natural resources of China, to thereby ensure "The true acceptance and respect" in China of human rights and freedoms and the democratic system in China even the most sophisticated and unacceptable political and economic blackmail by the Western World Capitalism led by the United States and the European Union.

"In a situation in which the military budget of China's defense fails to 175.000 million dollars and the military defense budget American despite having been reduced this year 2012, is nothing short of almost 700,000 million dollars:

(Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng)

"No wonder then that from Thursday April 23 dl 2012, is now a refugee in one's own U.S. Embassy in Beijing, Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng who went free last year 2011 after having served a sentence of three years in prison for attempted Subversion, having been found under arrest in Dongshigu village located east of Shandong Province:

"Achievement circumvent tight police surveillance secretly moved to Shandong Province to Beijing and refugee appear nothing less than the U.S. Embassy in Beijing itself.

"This a demonstration of the great miracles that make the world a military defense budget of nearly 700,000 U.S. dollars million and in the specific case of China, facing a military defense budget is less than 175.000 million.

"For the money dance monkey," says an old proverb and "miraculous" appearance now of Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng refuge in the embassy itself U.S. in Beijing is the best demonstration of the ability of corruption and organization of groups and special agents for espionage against China posibilides and means including:

"Up to " release " of an arrest and the dissatisfaction of own government and Communist Party of China, a " heroic " dissidents Chinese as Chen Guangcheng:

"Representatives and defenders of" freedom and human rights "and" need "to establish in China" back gray freedom and democracy "that require, the existence of "diferenes political parties" and a change of government or "Take off your to get me," every four or five years through "free elections" as a very good case in the United States of America, in countries of the European Union and throughout the "democracy of the world West. "

"The fact is that despite being such as China now " the banker " of the own United States of America:
"Global Capitalism actually has no morals or respect for anything, has the humility to do all these things now in China because, in a situation where they can no longer impose on China a new "opium war" to plunder the riches and their own health and welfare of the people Chinese as well they did in the past:

"They want to impose now the Communist Party and government of China a new war for" democracy ", and the recognition and respect for " the human rights and freedoms " in China.

"Democracy, human rights and freedoms as everyone knows the World Capitalism wipes his ass when they are truly at stake existence and the right of billionaires, banks and markets that are worth more than the rights, freedoms, democracy and economic security of all the men, women, races, peoples, nations and countries of the earth.

"Because of all this is that I, the soul of a repentant Muammar al-Gaddafi I point advantage China now that I have the opportunity to These speeches mystic from the altar of 666 that:

(Barack Obama's presidential swearing
on the same Bible that slander and demonized 666).

In a situation in which the United States of America own every president to take possession are required to make your swearing on the same Bible that predicts the appearance, existence and success of 666 in the world as a supposed "Antichrist" "Satan" and "devil re-incarnated"

"The best policy response and accurate long-range strategy which the government and the Communist Party of China must respond now unacceptable audacity and impudence to help move the U.S. embassy in Beijing to Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng, with the help of the organizations of spying that the United States, taking advantage of known democratic opening in China have been created and are developing in China is:

"Recognizing China now before the world the existence of 666 and also to the historical proposition of alliance politics, economic, military and mystique that 666 has publicly proposed to China to help avoid self-destruction of humanity, building a paradise on earth, and to ensure also the existence of the socialist system in China, defense and territorial integrity of China, and happiness, welfare, social justice and economic progress of the Chinese people, under the successful direction and governance Communist Party of China.

"All this is true because the World Capitalism and the United States of America themselves, not afraid to run and China ruled by a Communist Party that they are convinced that sooner or later will be able to destroy and remove from the government and power in China.

"The only thing that truly fear is now Global Capitalism and the very United States of America is the triumph of 666 in the world with their new economic system 666 in that they do not have the number of 666 "Antichrist", "Satan" and "Devil re-incarnate ", will not be able to " buy or sell. "

"In such a situation:

"The recognition of China's existence in the world of 666 and the acceptance of the offer of alliance to China of 666, is the best response to the Communist Party and China's government can give to the United States and World Capitalism, to face the great affront and current political crisis now behind the curtain between China and the United States, for the relocation and protection of Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng in the U.S. Embassy in Beijing.

"As our case is concerned, my beloved and remembered French President Nicolas Sarkozy, in the case of yours and mine:

"In my case in a Muammar al-Gaddafi who is already dead and does not have to lie:

(Muammar al-Gaddafi and President Nicolas Sacozy,
during their meeting at the Elysee Palace in Paris of 2007).

"And in your case, that of a Nicolas Sarkozy is a politician scoundrel, thief and corrupt who wants to be re-elected president ARISING now in France as a "Savior" and "Messiah":

("Memo" which shows that Muammar al-Gaddafi support economically, presidential election campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy, 2007). ( ENTER !) >>>

"There is an undeniable historical truth situation and that I, Muammar al-Gaddafi in dismal existence and material life, helped financially to Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy became President of France in 2007:

"With my generous financial contribution of € 50m (fifty million), to help pay for its expensive and successful presidential election campaign in France 2007.

"Mr. Moussa Koussa who was one of the heads of my services for foreign intelligence, and Mr. Brice Hortefeux known political ally President Nicolas Sarkozy:

"They witnessed that Muammar al-Gaddafi I help with the generous sum of € 50m (fifty million), to the now President of France Nicolas Sarkozy will make his successful campaign electoral politics in 2007.

"We also witnessed that help mine of € 50m (fifty million) to help fund the successful election campaign of President Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007, my intelligence chief Abdullah Senussi, the leader in tripoli Investment Fund in Africa, Bashir Saleh, and arms dealer and businessman Franco-Lebanese Ziad Takieddine.

"I, the repentant soul of Muammar al-Gaddafi, publicly confirmed from the altar mystic of 666 existing in the world now:

"They are true and correct the information already have been fully published in French and international press on support of € 50m (fifty million Euros) I Muammar al-Gaddafi, in my existence and life meterial did in 2007 to help fund the successful election of the President campaign Nicolas Sarkozy.

"I also clarified that I the soul of Muammar al-Gaddafi, mystical ago these statements to the French nation and the world to help make divine justice and prevent a man like Nicolas Sarkozy that:

"It is as rotten and corrupt as I was alive, is now re-elected president of France next May 6, 2012, cheating again and also making him more harm to the French people defending and imposing in the European Union, this axis of evil that is now the "Merkozy" and that leads to German Chancellor Angela Merkel to the 666 with the help of his great mystical super-natural forces, will also get out from the power and government in Germany.

"And in a situation in which you, my beloved and remembered" friend " and " great political ally, " President Nicolas Sarkozy, with your followers and supporters political:

"They will try to ridicule this mystical message that I, the soul of a repentant Muammar al-Gaddafi, I do now before the French people and the world from the mystic altar of 666, seven days before the French presidential elections of May 6, 2012, ignoring and denying the appearance and existence of the 666 in the world, NEED TO is noted:

"The same 666 that allows me the soul of a repentant Muammar al-Gaddafi made ?the remarks mystical now the world is the same 666 that also allowed that the soul of the repentant and killed terrorist leader Osama bin Laden.

(The 666 present, repentance mystical truths Osama Bin Laden to the world) ( ENTER !) >>>

"That's irresponsible and corrupt international media (CNN, BBC, Al-Jazeera etc.) Sold to the worst political interests, economic and religious World capitalism, has never had the responsibility to fulfill its journalistic duty by:

"Report and comment on the world this great news, is not only helping to create you to you now my most memorable and beloved " friend " and " great ally political " Nicolas Sarkozy, the inevitable big problem about it you have now, as a scoundrel and thief corrupt politician who wants to be re-elected president of France on May 6 del2012.

"It is also the serious mistake that will help that President Barack Obama in the United States of America that has now made ??the great political mistake of trying to capitalize and use politically in their favor the death of Osama bin Laden, appearing in a video made ??politician and presented and the people and the American electorate about:

"As a great President and Commander in Chief American who has the courage to act and make right decisions questioning his political rival Mitt Romney have the ability to make, and as such was the decision to order to kill Osama bin Laden:

"It will have a major political setback when the Republican Party candidate Mitt Romney, whose image is very hit and Sifo damaged, the scandalous revelations accusations themselves Republican contenders for the presidential candidacy has made against all each other:

"To prove to their own constituents that neither of them do not even deserve to be elected GOP presidential candidate, is a scandalous revelations in the case of Mitt Romney show that the same as a good example of American millionaire, avoid paying taxes the United States having his fortune in tax havens, to quote examples.

"We have so now it's just a matter of time that you are going to be the dirtiest presidential campaign American politics, Mitt Romney and his Republican Party cited the declarations of the mystical soul repented of Osama bin Laden to the world made from the altar of 666 at the time of 7 d May 2011, six days after the murder in Pakistan on May 2, 2011 of Osama Bin Laden.

"Statements in which the repentant soul of Osama bin Laden tells the world who was killed despite not having made any resistance, and that his death was also an illegal act of terrorist that President Barack Obama himself is already stained with blood and as such has shown thereby also the world that is no better than Osama bin Laden.

"Remember that the official version of President Barack Obama and his administration by announcing the American people and the world the death of Osama bin Laden was that he was killed for having resistance but it was never murdered and executed.

(The 666 present, repentance mystical truths Osama Bin Laden to the world) ( ENTER !) >>>

"It must then President Barack Obama prepare to receive about an inevitable response from rival Mitt Romney and the Republican Party election with a video which tells the American people:

"A president Mitt Romney, and as far as the case of Osama bin Laden death concerns would have done better because, had been responsible and the courage to admit to the world without lies and deceptions as U.S. president simply gave the order to kill and capture never live the leader Osama bin Laden by acquaintances who committed crimes against the American people and the world.

"Responsibility and value that was never about the President Barack Obama when he announced to the American people and the world's death Osama bin Laden without telling the true that he was murdered and executed.

"We then have a situation my very loved and remembered " friend " and " great political ally, " President Nicolas Sarkozy in which the mine problems are finished and yours yet begun. This is true because:

"The problems that have died after this sorry soul of a Muammar al-Gaddafi are to now be trying to redeem his soul to God and man. That's why thanks to the emergence and existence of the 666 now in the world:

"It's just that I can make these statements, which the copyright to reproduce these statements truly and after death in the world, I the bore Muammar al-Gaddafi, now I give 666 as a humble contribution to mine died after 666, to help you become president of that inevitably European Union Federated State Super-World or "New Roman Empire of the West" that 666, you will create and also to become president to help avoid self-destruction of mankind, and also help to create a paradise on Earth with his Project 666.

"We also now the problems begin for all these hypocrites, scoundrels and corrupt democratic major news networks and Capitalism As the BBC World, CNN and Al Jazeera to cite examples, with both heroism and informative line of duty were many reports historical about my overthrow and death:

"They have never had the courage, responsibility and awareness to meet their journalistic duties and provide information to report news the world about the existence of 666, or dare not now with the news about:

"The existence of these necessary and important statements mystical I, the soul of a repentant Muammar al-Gaddafi, makes about a man and politician as scoundrel, thief and corrupt as you my most remembered and loved my "friend" and "great political ally," President Nicolas Sarkozy:

"You know you got my generous financial aid of € 50m (fifty million), to finance your very expensive political campaign and successful presidential election in France in 2007.

"As a politician scoundrel, thief and corrupt they really are, your Nicolas Sarkozy a slanderer and a liar are also professional, not never deserve to be re-elected president in France, for all the evils that now is creating the French people themselves, the European Union and to the world:

"As a representative and advocate with your dismal " Merkozy " you have with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the known world of injustice billionaires, banks and markets.

"Statements mystical fortunately mine are published by 666 for the French nation and the world in its historical website www.the666.com/ truths that the French electorate are already receiving mystically and will also help for you inevitably have its negative effect the outcome of the elections of May 6, 2012.

"This also means that, absent now 666 in the world politicians and corrupt scoundrel Nicolas Sarkozy, who know very well you got my financial aid would be re-elected president of France on May 6, 2012:

"With the criminal complicity and support of major news organizations now existing in the world such as the BBC, CNN and Al Jazeera are not responsibility and courage to fulfill their journalistic duty to report information to the world's 666 sovereign existence in the world today.

"I conclude finally truly these necessary mystical statements of the encourages of Muammar al-Gaddafi to help make justice in the world informing the French nation and the world about everything liar and corrupt scoundrel you are, my beloved and remembered "friend" and "great ally political "Nicolas Sarkozy, to help prevent the French people make the mistake of re-choose you now president of France:

"Expressing my great satisfaction to the world know and that is the biblically predicted and slandered 666," Antichrist "," Satan " and " Devil re-incarnated " that will make you lose your re-election now in France and you'll also get the power in France:

"Giving the historic great kick by the ass that in fact you deserve as politician scoundrel, thief and corrupt you are my beloved and remembered "friend" and "great political ally," Nicolas Sarkozy.

"If God does not give me to my repentant soul finally to that of Muammar al-Gaddafi His mercy and forgiveness, then I will have the satisfaction to know that you and I, late my beloved "friend" and "great political ally" and French President Nicolas Sarkozy:

" At least we will return to see us in the very same hell and that own Satan like all the bad one that is:

"It would accept and enjoy to see the accomplishment of our need reckoning."

Sorry encouraged soul to:
Muammar al-Gaddafi

-From the altar mystic of 666.

Published on this website for the

Department of Parapsychology and Occult Sciences Of Project 666

Department of Parapsychology and Occult Sciences
Of Project 666

Monday April 30, 2011, Stockholm, Sweden. (15:30 GMT)

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Friday, April 13th, 2001.
Stockholm, Sweden.

President George W. Bush
White House
Washington, D.C.

President George W. Bush

Dear President,

My prays are that God’s blessings be upon you, as you receive my letter today.

Mr. President, you have disappointed now the best of the American people, the whole world and even myself by your refusal to fulfil your electoral compromise to ratify the “Kyoto Agreement”.

In my letter from November 1, of the year 2000 I explained you very well that myself as The 666, with the help and support of the Magical Powers of my Project 666, you were to become the President of the USA.

The reality and facts speak from themselves. You would have never been the President of the USA without my help and support as “Mr. 666”.

As The 666, you know very well that I helped you to become President of the United States of America because I believed you were a man who keeps and fulfils his promises and will always act according to the interests of mankind and the American people.

Now you have broken one of your most important political promises when you refuse to ratify the “Kyoto Agreement”. In the future the existence of a suitable and good biological mankind environment depends, as you very well know, on the fulfilment of the “Kyoto Agreement”.

You must believe me now when I say that you made your biggest and most unhappy political mistake when you refuse to ratify as President of the USA the “Kyoto Agreement”.

It is my right and duty to demand from you to correct your political mistake ratifying as soon as possible the “Kyoto Agreement”. I demand this as The 666, who helped you to become President of the United States of America.

I know that are very powerful political American “lobby” forces that Make you to reject the “Kyoto Agreement”, but you know that you can do much better because you are the President of the USA.

I advice you to stop thinking as a local, dirty and cheap politician. As President you have to think big to benefit mankind and your decision in such important matter as the “Kyoto Agreement” have very big consequences for mankind.


In the long run it will be cheaper for the USA to ratify the “Kyoto” Agreement” because this will help to control the pollution inside the USA and will avoid the destruction of the atmosphere of the Earth.

If you avoid this ratification the consequences and changes that are inevitable to happen by the pollution will be devastating for to the whole world. Changes in climate will also affect the USA then, even more powerful winters, droughts, hurricanes, tornados and earthquakes will desolate the USA if you do not approve the “Kyoto Agreement”. As The 666, You know very well that I am telling you The Holy Truth about all these matters.

Today The USA is already guilty for 25% of the world pollution. You can not expect that the whole world would accept this “mistake”. It is costing a lot of money to the United States of America to try correct it. As the President of the USA, it is your duty to help to save the world, not to help to destroy it.

With this unhappy situation, I give you One Year Time to change your mind and ratify the “Kyoto Agreement”.

I can also offer you the possibility to ratify the “Kyoto Agreement” with my help and support through my new political, economic and social system within the European Union using 666 as a new currency and creating a Paradise on Earth.

I am offering you the possibility to help you. With my Project 666, the economic costs that your country, have to invest to implement the deal of “Kyoto Agreement” can easily be done with my “666 Electronic Bonus System” created to make a Paradise on Earth.

I have now open in Internet my website Project 666. There is also “The Mankind’s Bank” (or “The 666’s Bank”) with a new kind of money that will help to regulate and control the economy for the best of the world. THE 666’s MONEY is based on my new political, economic and social system for the European Union, using 666 as a new currency to built a Paradise on Earth.

I began with the creations of 999, 999 billions dollars share of my “666 Electronic Bonus System” at One Dollar a share, which I will sale to the whole world.

This “666 Electronic Bonus System” serves as basis for the new money. At the end it will control and regulate the world’s economy, for the very best of mankind.

“The Mankind’s Bank” is the first and the only bank in the whole world that will make and will have a currency without any inflation. Such economic and political miracle is only possible to achieve with my new political, economic and social system for the European Union. Using 666 as the new currency to make a Paradise on Earth. When in practice, I shall win a Nobel Prize in Economy with such system.

I have already donated to mankind 6,000 Billions Dollars shares of One dollar each. From April 13th, 2001, all people and women on our Earth planet (including you, Mr. Bush), have a dollar share donated by me, at “The Mankind’s Bank”.

WHY have I opened in Internet the first bank in the World with a currency that will never suffer any inflation?.

BECAUSE I will change the economic system and it shall become the best in the whole world. With my “666 Business System”, the “666 Business Code” and the “666 Identity Code”, world business management will be adecuated to make a Paradise on Earth.

The new money without inflation in the world ( “The 666 Money”), will be established on an electronic basis, it will be included in my “666 Electronic Bonus System”. This unique System was specially created for me to built a Paradise on Earth.

From my Bank in Internet I will appeal to all the people in the world to open and account (big or small). I will guarantee that the money invested in my bank shall be used exclusively to make a Paradise on Earth.

The only condition that is required to open an account in my bank will be a 6 YEARS deposit term in which the money will always remain in the bank and will earn and accumulated simple interest rate of 3%.

This 3% interest rate is based on my “666 Electronic Bonus System” to make a Paradise on Earth, I can and will guarantee to every client of my bank that their money will not suffer any inflation, consequently it will also allow me to confront competition from others banks that offer higher interest rates such as 8% , 15% and even 25% per year, but with a must probable inflation, not to mention the possibility of bankruptcy, which is also constantly threatening and present like their own shadow.

“The 666” Bank offers the whole world earnings at a low interest rate during the 6 years deposite term, namely a 3%, but WITH A NON INFLATION GUARANTEE OF THE MONEY. You can be very sure Mr. Bush that, a vast majority will deposit their money in my bank. Besides this, also because their money will be used exclusively to help make a Paradise on Earth.

In such situation I guarantee you and the whole world that, I can do a real worldwide revolution in finance without any kind of violence, blood bad and even without shooting a single bullet or cheating any person in the world.

I am capable to do all those things because I put forward in my Project a correct and wise Bank, limit that serves also as a limit to the human greedy. All this is done following the advice of my Great Spiritual Father, Inspirer and Protector Jesus Christ, precisely to create a Paradise on Earth with my Project 666 that will also help mankind to avoid Armageddon which is predicted in the Holy Bible and can actually take place in the world if we do not put a wise and correct stop now, limiting human greedy.

Mr. President, All this means that even you can contribute to change the world believing in me, my words, my Project, my advises and the 666 personality that I represented for you and still represent for mankind now.

I will find in the world investors willing to allocate 200 million Dollars in my “666 Electronic Bonus System” and help to make a Paradise on Earth. At the beginning this 200 million Dollars will be the “real money” of my bank, until the new “666 currency” will develop.

No other person can do such thing in the world only with 200 million Dollars. It could neither be done with 200 billion dollars or perhaps even with many trillions of dollars.

Such economic miracle is only possible to do it with my new economic, policy and the social system invented for the European Union, based on 666 currency to create a Paradise on Earth.

I have bee able to make this system only with the help and support of my Great Spiritual Father, Inspirer and Protector, Jesus Christ. Nobody can copy or cheat my System. I am the only man in the world who can implement it, as the 666.

I enclose here a copy of my letters addressed to Mr. Ted Tunner and Mr. Bill Gates, asking them to invest 1,200 Million Dollars to help me to implement my “666 Electronic Bonus System” in the world.
(I ask 200 Million Dollars to Mr. Tunner and 1 Billion Dollars to Mr. Gates)

As I stated I can help you and your country to solve the economic burden that the USA has to make in order to accomplish the deal implied in the “Kyoto Agreement”.

I advice you now Mr. George Bush to read these letters addressed to Mr. Ted Tunner and Mr. Bill Gates. At the same time this means that I am offering you and your country a very serious and important helping hand to sign the “Kyoto Agreement”.

You as the President of the USA can sign an 18 YEARS AGREEMENT with me as the 666, where I will help with my new economic, new political and new social system in the European Union and in the whole world, using the number 666 as a currency, to make a Paradise on Earth, and help the USA with the economic cost for the implementation of the “Kyoto Agreement”.

The “18 YEARS USA AGREEMENT WITH THE 666” will be always secure by the fact that you, and the United States of America can always sue me, if I cheat you or the USA Government.

I am willing to sit the rest of my life in jail, in case I can not fulfil making a Paradise on Earth, according to Project 666 and myself as the 666.

I can do this because I really believe in my Great Spiritual Father, Inspirer and Protector Jesus Christ, and in myself as the 666, implementing the new political, economic and The Social System that has my name and the number that represents me today in the world.

In such circumstances you do not have longer any excuses for signing the Kyoto Agreement because, I offer you, and the United States of America (“God’s Own Country”), a very polite, wise and heavenly alternative to sign and implement the “Kyoto Agreement”.

I am willing to explain in front of the USA Congress the 18 YEARS AGREEMENT with The President and with The United States of America. I am sure that I can convince the USA Congress to accept the“18 years Agreement in joint venture with the 666”.

Mr. George Bush, If you really believe and love Jesus Christ, then you would have to believe and trust me, because He is my Great Spiritual Father, Inspirer and Protector. I know that He will never let me down with Project 666 that I am willing to risk for the sake of the Kyoto Agreement, which must be implement in the whole world.

I have to say that I am really sorry because must include this letter on my website in Internet and send it to the whole world to say that:

If you do not ratify the “Kyoto Agreement” within One Year Time, then, you will brake the Spiritual Political Agreement that you, very deep in your Conscience and Mind, have made with me and my Great Spiritual Father, Inspirer and Protector Jesus Christ, due to the fact that since November 1, 2000, we have been always with you, in your best dreams always with a high sense of responsibility and morality.

Very unhappy political consequences will come for you if you don’t fulfil your political promise to ratify the “Kyoto Agreement”, or if you do not take seriously this open letter I wrote you and is included on my website in Internet.

I have never threaten anybody because as the 666 I will never impose my will by force. But as you very well know, every human act has a consequence. You have now broken one of your best political environmental promise to the American People and to the People of the whole world.

You can not avoid the consequences of such great mistake and cheating to the people who really gave you their best support in the USA election as myself and my Great Spiritual Father, Inspirer and Protector, Jesus Christ.

In such situation If you don’t sign the “Kyoto Agreement” within ONE YEAR, my Great Spiritual Father, Inspirer and Protector, Jesus Christ, and I, will take away our powerfully political support to you and you will loose the Presidential election in the year 2004.

As the 666, and with the help of my Great Spiritual Father, Inspirer and Protector, Jesus Christ, we will make Senator Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton, the next USA President and the first woman President of the United States of America. This will be done with the help of the magical powers invested in Project 666 for the year 2004.

In order to help you to understand that I really mean action and political “business” as the 666 and with my Project 666, I am willing to receive and meet here in Sweden, your Security Adviser; Condoleezza Rice.

If she read on my website Project 666 in Internet address:

Website; http://members01.chello.se/project666

E-mail: project666@chello.se

Then she will understand with her great intelligence and women intuition that I am not a fake or a charlatan as The 666 with Project 666 for the European Union, to make a Paradise on Earth.

I am willing to give your Security Adviser, Condoleezza Rice, all the information you need in order to understand the great political reality that, I represent today in the world as The 666 with Project 666 for the European Union, to make a Paradise on Earth.

Do not make the political mistake George, as USA President, to ignore me and underestimate me as the 666 because, I am now your best and most powerful political ally together with Jesus Christ himself as my Great Spiritual Father, Inspirer and Protector with the Project 666.

I am helping you now (since April 6) as the 666 and with the magical powers of my Project 666, to reach a happy solution and return to the USA the crew of the U. S. Navy the spy plane which was forced by a crash to land in China.

I end this letter suggesting you to appoint a time to have a meeting with me when you visit Sweden in June. Now is the right time for us to have a political meeting and know each other. We both will be beneficiated with a political meeting in which I will personally make you as the 666, a very important prophecy about your life.

We can also have our meeting when you have time to meet me, but I give you untill April 2002, to find the time to meet me and know me personally otherwise, you will lose the real possibility to do political business with me.

If you, George, do not brake the Spiritual Political Agreement that is very deep in your Conscience and Mind. The Agreement that you made with me and my Great Spiritual Father, Inspirer and Protector Jesus Christ, then you will become one the greatest and best Presidents of the USA History.

I remind you to remember all those great promises that you made deep in your hearth to my Great Spiritual Father Jesus Christ during your presidential electoral campaign. You became elected President of the USA . Now is your duty and time to fulfil all your promises to us, to the American People and to the whole world.

Now I will reveal here to you, Mr. President George W. Bush, a very big secret:

I have a very special agreement with my Great Spiritual Father, Inspirer and Protector Jesus Christ; the construction of a Paradise on Earth to help and support mankind.

We are always and always will be a product of mankind. It is our own free will to support or reject the possibility to become part of the heavenly Project 666 and of my existence today in the world as the 666.

As the 666, It will never happen to me the same thing that happened to my Great Spiritual Father, Inspirer and Protector Jesus Christ who was killed and extremely painfully died for nothing, because his example and true legacy to mankind, has been never understood or really accepted by mankind.

We are living now in the worst time of the world; a world full of injustice and unhappiness, that unfortunately is going towards its own destruction.

As the 666, I am a cosmic being from the Universe, today reincarnated as a man. I am a cosmic entity of thousands reincarnations from thousand worlds. I, have seen the own destruction of unhappy worlds in the Cosmos and have suffered like my Great Spiritual Father, Inspirer and Protector Jesus Christ, the pain of seeing the destruction and lost of those worlds.

But our very high moral and well developed sense of justice, love and happiness, –just to mention a few examples-, don’t allow us to take or robe the free will of anybody, neither to impose to anybody our cosmic believe or way of life. The only thing we can do is to appear, and knock all the doors in the world to show to mankind, the correct way of living and find freedom, equality, justice, progress, love and happiness, as I am doing now with Project 666.

Now, it is up to you and to other men like you, Mr. President George W. Bush, to help and make possible the best dreams since all times of mankind; the construction of Paradise on Earth.

God bless you Mr. President George W. Bush , and help us to become friends, brothers and ally in this the necessary struggle to create a Paradise on Earth!.

With my best regards and salutations,

Yours sincerely,

666 –Michel Smiely-
(For President of the European Union
with the Project 666, to make a Paradise on Earth!)


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