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Don’t make any mistake regarding The 666!
The 666 have come to win!

The NEWS that CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera or the international press,
THEY DARE NOT TELL THE WORLD for its great historical consequences!


666 shows the world that an asteroid is on the way
to impact and destroy our planet earth on the date
Of December 21, 2012.

The 666 confirms the world that the Mayans predicted the destruction of the world:

For the date of December 21st of this historic year of 2012, are in the process fulfilled.

Given the existence of the predicted and new situation:

The 666 advises all men, women, races, peoples, nations and countries now existing on earth be ready moral and spiritually, to die with dignity and honor and also deserve the grace of God living in brotherhood and respecting and loving one and each others with security and faith also that:

The 666 will also remain and be beside you all until the very end of mankind and one way or another, 666 will continue fighting until the last minute to find a correct and fair solution that can help save at least what worthwhile to save humanity.

The 666 gives the lie to theories that claim that the earth will be destroyed:

By collision with a suspected planet called "Niburu", on the date of July 21, 2012.

The 666 also confirms the world that our planet Earth is located in the Galaxy "Milky Way":

It is one of many billions of planets in which there are intelligent beings and civilizations created by God in the universe.

And that destruction by cosmic collision of giant meteors planets like Earth harbor beings, civilizations and worlds Smart, is not no exceptional event in the universe.

(This is a photograph made with the latest scientific advances of the "Milky Way" Galaxy
in which is located our planet Earth).

And no less important and as 666 also already explained in his published book "666 And His poject 666-Book 1 of 3 -666 Has Come! -"

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The concept of humanity on God has to be reviewed and changed. Not because God does not exist but because:

God is not and never has been what man says and so far it has been believed and yet also because God is a mystical entity a lot largest and most amazing of what man can think and believe.

The 666 also informs the world that unfortunate situation now existing in this regard is that:

The Mayans predicted the end of the world to the date of December 21, 2012 are in the process to be fulfilled:

1. On the impact of a giant asteroid into the planet Earth.

2. For self-destruction of humanity itself through a nuclear World War III will happen as inevitable and fatal result of man's inability to resolve and correct their unacceptable worlds injustices and build a paradise on earth.

This does not however mean the impossibility of man in order to overcome and to survive as being and existing intelligent species now in our planet Earth and in the universe.

For the date of November 30, 2012, 666 will explain to mankind how and as with forces that 666 is going to try to avoid, to now inevitable and destructive impact of a giant meteor collision with earth on the date of December 21, 2012.

The 666 calls upon all astronomers in the world and especially to the "NASA" North American space agency:

Stay in surveillance and early warning constant from this date on Tuesday 5 June 2012, to try to detect the more quickly than possible:

The existence of that giant asteroid that unexpected and surprisingly is in way colliding with the Earth for the date of December 21 2012.

(The hour of truth has come for that man,
(be responsible and serious and acknowledge his mortality in the world).

In a situation in which the current "global superpower" and their political leaders and governments now existing in the world should actually be preparing their political wills:

The 666 points were the same as the minimum that should do now is to at least have the right to die and die in the grace of God without continue defending or doing more lies or deception to the world.

For all this is that 666 public calls President Barack Obama:

(No need to go and hide or deny,
the existence of other civilizations and worlds in the universe).

So accept now the historic challenge of 666 of authorizing the revelation to all peoples and Nations of the Earth, of all information the United States as a country have on the existence of UFOS and thereby, other lives and intelligent beings existing also in the Universe.

In doing so accept President Barack Obama, the 666 is in the best disposition to inform themselves United States of America as a country on:

The solutions 666 will be presented to humanity about the date of November 30, 2012, to try to avoid the predicted end of the world according to Mayan predictions gonna to have to happen on December 21, 2012.

! Keep you informed!

Published on this website for the

Department of Parapsychology and Occult Sciences Of Project 666

Department of Parapsychology and Occult Sciences
Of Project 666

Tuesday June 5, 2012, Stockholm, Sweden. (07.38 GMT)

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The 666 time! -

The 666 gave a political-mystic
Amnesty to President George W. Bush

God and his beloved son The 666
Give to President George W. Bush
A spiritual and political amnesty

BA. Miguel Angel Sosa Vásquez ( The 666 )
( Writer name; " Michel Smiely 666 " )
-For President of the European Union with the Project 666
To make a Paradise on Earth! -

666 is a group of ideas and historic interpretations represented
in a project which covers the best dreams and goals of mankind and as such,
it is indestructible and is going to be an unquestionable reality.

We, as individuals are only presenting those dreams
which all those who wish, can also represent.
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The 666 gave a political mystic amnesty
To President George W. Bush

The 666
E-mail: project666@chello.se

June 23th. 2005, Stockholm, Sweden.

President George W. Bush
White House
Washington, D.C.
United States of America

Issue: God and his beloved son The 666 give now to you President George W. Bush
A spiritual and political amnesty

Dear Mr. President George W. Bush:
When you come to power President George W. Bush you didn’t keep your best electoral promises and because of that you cheated God, his beloved son The 666, the American people and the world.

Satan himself cheated God and his beloved son The 666 on November 2nd. 2004 by helping you, President George Bush to be re-elected thinking that God and his beloved son The 666 could never save again your soul from the power and the influence of the devil.


We have save now your soul President George W. Bush from the power and influence of the devil. Satan is not any longer in the White House.

In such historical situation God and I, his beloved son The 666, have give you President George W. Bush a spiritual and political amnesty, on Monday 27th of June 2005.

God my great Spiritual Father and I, his beloved son The 666 will help you now to have a successfussly second Administration.

It is now your duty President George W. Bush to support The 666 proposal to the Congress of the United States to help to bring the Constitution of the United States of America into the European Union and the United States membership in the European Union.ENTER ! >>>

With my best regards and salutations

Yours sincerely,

The 666
(Miguel Angel Sosa Vasquez
-Writer name Michel Smiely 666-
(For President of the European Union
With the Project 666 to make a Paradise on Earth)



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The 666 / Project 666
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S-164 07 Kista, Stockholm

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