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The end of blackmail and military supremacy of Israel in the Middle East

(Everyone gets what they harvest and that a sword will die). (

Satan directs Iran and Hamas turn
Spark Armageddon in the Middle East

(Following the orders of Satan, Iran with Hezbollah and Hamas are prepared,
to spark Armageddon in the Middle East).

The biblically predicted and slandered the 666's appearance in the world can present for the first time in the history of mankind:
Satan's own statements about the doomsday predictions from this great window unmatched mystique of God to men is our successful website www.the666.com/

The Department of Parapsychology and Occult Sciences of Project 666 present
the world in this historic date of Thursday 22 November 2012:

The following historical and admissions by Satan, Supreme Commander of the Forces of Evil also existing in the universe that oppose God and 666 help avoid self-destruction of humanity by building a paradise on earth.

"We Major mystical forces of evil will face and defeat Israel from Gaza, Lebanon and Iran, to help defend the rights and existence of the heroic Palestinian people. "-Satan-

"From Gaza, Palestine, I was a misunderstood and slandered Satan, now shipping this unexpected and incredible mystical message to all peoples and nations of the earth, on this historic date of Thursday November 22, 2012:

Thanking you in advance to 666 for compliance and enforcement of agreements agreed between the Forces mystical of good and evil in the universe and God and Satan represented respectively by:

This clarification is necessary because:

These agreements mystical are what enable to report responsibly now the world of men, about the existence of the great strengths mystical supernatural of Good and Evil to allow existing worlds and intelligent life in the universe also:

Can freely choose and decide their fates knowing, accepting or rejecting our arguments, bases and laws of existence.

It is then with the help of the existence and respect for these incredible arrangements necessary and mystical forces of Good and Evil can make their speeches mystical and publicize its existence to the world now, of civilizations and intelligent beings on this Planet Earth form now men, from this unique window mystique that is successful 666 website www.the666.com/

I Satan, Reperesentante and Defender of the Forces of Evil in the universe Informed all peoples and nations of the earth:

I Satan, and I fight I Oppose the existence in the world of any "Jewish people and of God" among men.

In a situation where as the 666 has already Explained himself very well to the world in his public letter dated November 23 last year 2011, and I regard Satan quoted the words of about 666:

"The Jewish people and the state of Israel is the only country in the world whose existence and history has always been linked, from its very beginnings, to their sacred and necessary relation of recognition and respect to the true God existing in the Universe.

"During its existence the Jewish people and the state of Israel when he disrespected the mandate and the laws of God, had unfortunately to suffer the worst consequences throughout the course of its history:

"Slavery (with the empires of Egypt and Babylon), destruction (with the Roman Empire), dispersion around the world (when it was destroyed the state of Israel), and genocide and holocaust (when Adolf Hitler tried to exterminate the Jewish people)." -The 666-

*(See "The unexpected, necessary and historic ultimatum to Israel of 666) ( ENTER !) >>>

I Satan and I fight I object to the existence of any "Jewish people and of God" in the world not because I'm racist but because:

As well as demonstrating the experience and history of human civilization as found and even endangered:

That Jewish people or "people of God" that attach themselves Bible prophecy and claim it is the "people of God" by which a scoundrel, false and criminal in the universe God will destroy all mankind (to the races white, yellow and black for some examples), for Enforcing and defense in the world of Jewish people and state of Israel:

Despite being supposedly the Jewish people and the state of Israel the "people of God", is the people and nation that has disrespected and disobeyed your own God in the world, experiencing firsthand even the worst punishment, as well as explained himself 666.

As there is now the situation I explained clearly Satan into the world without lies and deceptions:

That same God scoundrel, irresponsible, cruel and criminal claims that the Jewish people "is the people of God," is the same "God" who has order and also ordered the 666, protect and save the security and existence of the Jewish people and state of Israel:

In the same way that in a past historical period the Jewish people were to blame for the persecution and murder of Jesus Christ himself, is the same Jewish people with its existing state of Israel now that:

It also refuses to accept and recognize now the order that God himself made THROUGH the soul of the prophet Elias in Israel, to recognize and accept to 666 as the defender and protector of the Jewish people and the state of Israel in the world today (2012).

* (See "The unexpected, necessary and historic 666 ultimatum to Israel", dated November 23, 2012) ( ENTER !) >>>

Given as unquestionable truths and historical facts:

I affirm Satan now being all peoples and nations of the world:

A people like the Jew can never be the "people of God" can be much less people, race or nation by which risk can and should and decide the fate of humanity itself existence on earth.

All this is true because the current humanity and human civilization now existing in the world knows very well through the teachings the history of the emergence and creation of the state of Israel was a product of war and terrorism against the Palestinian people and England was the world power which administered Palestine made??:

Jewish survivors of Nazi concentration camps, who himself "God the Creator" and protector of the Jewish people, allowed to die murdered in the Holocaust and gas chambers against the Jewish people made?the criminal hordes of Hitler in the years 1939-1945.

Known is also the fact that the creation of the state of Israel has been the product of ignorance, theft and looting of the rights, property and lands of the defenseless Palestinian people.

(Maps showing the state of Israel as violating international laws and agreements, dismantling with illegal settlements and colonizes Jews, the Palestinian territory).

Unacceptable and shameful is also the unquestionable truth and done that with the help and support of the international political community hypocrite led by a United States of America, during the era of the "Third Reich of Adolf Hitler German", refused to receive and welcome immigrants Jews from Germany:

Is that the current state of Israel has continued ignoring, trampling, chasing, looting and killing the Palestinian people, helping Israel has also to prevent the creation of a Palestinian state, in the little territory that is still there the Palestinian people.

I Satan quoted about photographic evidence presented by the soul of General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Chief of Staff of "Mystic Army 666 "and member of the" Mystic World Government 666 "to explain to the world the existence of" Mystic Army 666 ", from the same www.the666.com/ website

Introducing and explaining the world through the Internet and criminal violence and unacceptable use of force the Jewish people and their state of Israel used and continue to use to suppress, ignore the rights of the Palestinian people and plunder. The photographs speak for themselves.

* (See "The soul of General Dwight D. Eisenhower said to the world, the existence of" Mystic Army World 666 ").
( ENTER !) >>>

(Photo at right showing the illegal policy of building settlements with which the wrong and incompetent political leaders Israeli attempt to impose the world the accomplished fact of the existence of an Israel with unacceptable frontiers that stolen Palestinian territories.

Photographs on the left also shows the sad repetition of the tragedy and fear of a child in a Jewish ghetto in Warsaw in 1944 compared Babaria of the German Nazi troops, and the tragedy of a Palestinian child facing now in the past year 2010 the repression and terror of Jewish army against the defenseless Palestinian population).

* (See "The soul of General Dwight D. Eisenhower said to the world,
the existence of" Mystic Army World 666 "). ( ENTER !) >>>

In a situation where all these crimes, persecutions, robberies and misdeeds done by the Jewish people against the Palestinian people are committing Since the creation of the state of Israel:

Satan I've decided to support the use of my great mystical forces of Evil Super-natural also existing in the universe:

The defense and the right of the Palestinian people and help the Palestinian people to confront and defeat the unacceptable assaults and crimes that Jewish people and the State of Israel committed against the Palestinian people with the shameful complicity of the international political community hypocrite.

I Satan I can do this right now in favor of the Palestinian people because he though I Satan represent the forces of Evil, as my ultimate goals are overcome and destroy God and 666, for my Satan always ends justify the means, and as such I can do too good when I should to.

And warn about the Jewish people, the international political community and all mankind that there be a situation in which the only man in the world:

It has the ability to deal with my big natural super-mystical forces of evil unfortunately for all of you is:

That same 666 whose existence now in the world any of you ever wanted to recognize and accept and also seek to ridicule and ignore:

It is also the 666 to which God himself has now ordered him to retire with his big Super-natural mystical forces of Good, in paradise and world righteousness of God existing in a special place in the universe, for that 666 lives and make his wife happy soul of the Empress Elisabeth of Austria, "Sissy. Paradise and world of justice I Satan I could never conquer or destroy.

For all this to exist now for my Satan unexpected and fortunate position that:

None of you have the capacity and the necessary power to confront and defeat me Satan in the material world of men, I Satan, Representative and the Evil Empire King also existing in the universe:

1. I will face and defeat militarily in the Middle East and with the help of the Palestinian people, the Hezbollah Islamist Revolutionary Movement existing in Lebanon and Iran that I Satan, I also help to protect, defend and hold nuclear weapons:

With that help I'm going to face Satan and defeat now in Palestine, Israel and the Middle East to the criminal and terrorist political forces, economic and religious who represent and defend now in the world the Jewish people to their state Israel, and the hypocritical political community international support him and that is headed by the United States of America.

It is necessary to clarify the matter:

The great military defeat Satan I'll give you all in the great battle of Armageddon is what will finally force of God Himself Universe:

To send back to 666 to try to save on this Planet Earth, the part of humanity that God and 666 deemed worth saving trying to build a paradise on earth.

Of course I Satan I'll wait at Armageddon to 666 face and his mystic army with the assurance that:

I Satan also I can finally defeat at Armageddon God and the 666 to exterminate on this Planet Earth to the incorrigible, perverse and criminal animal species of Homo-Sapiens that looting and destroying this beautiful planet Earth.

This is going to allow my Satan, repopulate the Earth with the prehistoric, more interesting and deserving of animal species Dinosaurs:

For this Earth never come back to be the scene of any intelligent life and civilization remains also become and one of my hunting and Safai worlds in the universe.

*(See "A furious denunciation Satan to 666 before the world to do "mystical electoral trap" in France, calling the French electorate to vote and re-elect President Nicolas Sarkozy.") ( ENTER !) >>>

For all this is that I Satan, I have now with my big mystically supernatural forces military control of Gaza and as such:

(Satan has risen in Gaza the soul of the killed military Palestinian leader Ahmed Jabari)

I Satan, have also risen in Gaza mystically the soul of slain military chief Palestinian Ahmed Jabari to:

Continue running successfully mistic in Gaza the missile military force of our heroic Palestinian Islamist organization Hamas, opposition to the existence in the world of the state of Israel.

With the unexpected and incredible mystical resurrection Satan I'm doing now in Gaza the soul of the killed military leader of Hamas, Ahmed Jabari, the criminals and murderers Jews who killed him now receive their deserved because:

Hamas rockets to the surprise and disbelief of Israel and the hypocritical international political community continued to fall on Israel until the day yesterday Wednesday November 21, 2012 to date:

Israel was forced to accept peace terms political and economic demanded by Hamas:

1. End Israel with the criminal policy of persecution and assassination of political and military leaders of Hamas.

2. Israel also OK with ending the unacceptable and criminal economic blockade that Israel has maintained against Palestinians in Gaza violating all international laws, since the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas Revolutionary get the government of Gaza, winning without electoral cheating democratic elections in Gaza.

3. Having finally recognize Israel also to the world to accept the realization of this interim peace agreement November 21, 2012, Hamas's legitimacy as the representative and interlocutor of the Palestinian population of Gaza.

It is necessary to note in this connection that the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas Revolutionary accomplished all this, after having been able and the courage to confront Israel militarily when Israel make a criminal and brutal military aggression against the Palestinian people in Gaza and Hamas:

Was characterized by the threat of military intervention by Israel in Gaza that Hamas never frightened and by the realization of 1,500 attacks "military targets" in Gaza that were actually only:

(Nobody in the world can ignore the Palestinian people their right to keep and create
its own state of Palestine).

Criminal revenge attacks from Israel in Gaza City against a struggling Palestinian people to have their own state, Israel's military attacks actually had as goals also destroy all civilian infrastructure and Hamas government in Gaza because, as nicely demonstrated by the own events and facts:

Israel never attained with its 1,500 military attacks on Gaza kill Hamas military capability to continue robbing itself with missiles Israel, despite the disproportionate Israeli attacks, Hamas continued to attack Israel with rockets until early moment that Israel was forced to have to accept and sign the peace agreement with Hamas in the conditions that I've described.

This unquestionable truth and reality is what allows me to state my Satan that has come since the end of blackmail and military supremacy of Israel in the Middle East.

And what is no less important:

Given the unequal balance of military forces now existing between the helpless and heroic Palestinian people of Gaza against the criminal and aggressor state of Israel, I Satan informed the world that from the date of Wednesday November 14, 2012:

(Satan has displaced in Gaza thousand souls invincible
"Babylonian Warriors", to help defend the Palestinian people).

I Satan I also mystically in Gaza moved the souls of many thousands of:

My best "Babylonian warriors" to:

Help the Palestinian people cope successfully and heroically any new Israeli military invasion of Gaza.

The whole world is witnessing now then my assertions that I Satan, I do pay a heavy price for any military invasion of Israel against the Palestinian people in Gaza, despite the military superiority of Israel, will not ever be able to destroy Hamas in Gaza and will serve only to spark the Armagdon of Israel in the Middle East

And what is no less important:

To prove the truth of all this I also affirm Satan to the world on this date today Thursday November 22, 2012 to:

(Satan has ordered Hezbollah to be prepared to launch missiles over 100,000
against Israel, to help defend the Palestinian people in Gaza).

1. I Satan have given the Mystic Order of the Islamic Revolutionary Movement Hisbulláh prepare for, attack Israel and help defense heroic Palestinian people to face any new criminal aggression and military invasion of Israel against Palestinians in Gaza:

(Israel will not be able to prevent never the destruction that
it will cause more than 200,000 missiles from Iran and Hezbollah).

Launching Hezbollah from Lebanon more than 100,000 rockets into Israel particularly against the cities of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haiffa and other large Israeli cities that:

They will also receive firsthand the same destruction they cause any new aggression and military invasion of Israel against the defenseless population Palestinians in Gaza.

(The anti-missile defense of Israel called "iron dome" destroys a missile of Hamas in the air)

All this is true because:

The large concentrated attack missile that Hezbollah Islamist Revolutionary Movement has already capable of performing and will also to make when necessary from Lebanon against Jewish cities of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haiffa (for some examples):

Will derail the defense system of Israel missile called "iron dome" that:

There will never be able to prevent widespread destruction and damage that a military strike Hezbollah missile with more than 100,000 will eventually cause in Israel against the population and infrastructure of Israel, all of this is true because:

The new rules from this date of Thursday November 22, 2012 I Satan impose in the Middle East to the military superiority of Israel against the Palestinian people and the Arab world is to impose a better balance in the famous criminal attack and destruction policy that has always characterized Israel in the Middle East, the discredited and criminal policy of "an eye for an eye, tooth for tooth".

It is necessary to note also that there be no doubt about the veracity of my statements:

I Satan I've moved also to Iran an great mystic army of evil composed of more than ten million souls of soldiers that 666 could not ever rescue from my hell; soldiers who have accepted now also form part of my mystical forces of evil, because I Satan released them for having all the suffering they had in my hell.

All this has been possible because of much helped me finally understand my Satan, the great lesson that 666 gave me in my own hell, to release from the clutches of my hell the souls of 12 million soldiers who are now part of the mighty army of 666 mystical that I Satan I'll finally have to face and try to defeat at Armageddon.

* (See "The soul of General Dwight D. Eisenhower said to the world,
the existence of" Mystic Army World 666 "). ( ENTER !) >>>

All this means that there is now the incredible situation that I Satan from the date of today Thursday November 22, 2012, I have already shifted a part of my great mystical supernatural forces of evil in the Middle East and especially in Iran very supportive and helpful the ayatollahs Islamists:

Any military attack by Israel and the United States decide to make against Iran to prevent it from having nuclear weapons is doomed and will only serve to spark Armageddon and the destruction of Israel in the Middle East.

And in the unlikely event that the U.S. or Israel alone decide to attack Iran using nuclear weapons to force Iran to suspend known and highly advanced its nuclear military program:

Satan I'm gonna make it surprising and unexpectedly Iran demonstrates to the world the existence of its nascent nuclear power, already has the capability sufficient military to destroy Israel as a country.

Satan I'm going to do well that Pakistan, India, Russia and China (which has not yet made their grand alliance with the 666 and I'm Satan doing everything possible to prevent any alliance of China with 666):

Using nuclear weapons against Israel to defend their political and economic interests in Asia and the world, in the unlikely event that Israel Solo decides to attack Iran with nuclear weapons to try to destroy its known nuclear facilities and centers, and thereby try to prevent that Iran will become the major nuclear military power in the world Islamist.

All this means that:

I affirm Satan now before the world on this date of Thursday November 22, 2012 that:

If the criminal state of Israel and its genocidal Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a known and sworn enemy of the realization of any successful peace process between Israel and Palestine:

If dont meet or accept Israel and the criminal Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to respect peace agreements signed by Israel with Hamas in Egypt in city?of Cairo in yesterday's date November 21, 2012 and:

Israel decides to attack and invade Gaza to try to destroy the Revolutionary Islamist movement Hamas is the legitimate representative and defender of the Palestinian population in Gaza:

The Armageddon spark lit in Israel and in the Middle East later than the date of the next December 21, 2012 that:

The Mayan prophecies predicting the end of the world.

"The soul of the real Satan.
Protector and defender of the billionaires,
banks and markets, and representative of the true and only God
existing in the Universe, the God-Money Greed."

I recommend to Internet users around the world read the first mystical speech I Satan did to the world, from this unique window mystical to the world of the mystical forces of good and evil that is now this 666 website www.the666.com/

*(See "A furious denunciation Satan to 666 before the world to do "mystical electoral trap" in France, calling the French electorate to vote and re-elect President Nicolas Sarkozy.") ( ENTER !) >>>

(Pinchar en este link para leer la historia completa!) ( ENTER !) >>>

Department of Parapsychology and Occult Sciences of Project 666
(Thursday, November 22, 2012, Stockholm, Sweden. (11:00 GMT)

Published on this website for the

Department of Parapsychology and Occult Sciences Of Project 666

Department of Parapsychology and Occult Sciences
Of Project 666

(Thursday, November 22, 2012, Stockholm, Sweden. (11:00 GMT)

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