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The 666 - The Poet

" Olimpic Immortality "
The 666`s love poem to Agnetha Fälstkog

The 666 / Project 666 - 666

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The 666 - The Poet

Michel Smiely 666 book:
Printed by Vantage Press, 1981,
New York, USA.

*** *** ***

The 060606 Special Edition of the poetry of The 666.


The 666 is also
A very good Poet.
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Book; "Poems of Love, Dreams and Struggles"

"Poems of Love, Dreams and Struggles"

-Author, Miguel Angel Sosa Vasquez - "The 666" -
(Writer name; "Michel Smiely 666”)

(Book Published by
"Vantage Press, ed. 1981, New York, USA).
Out-of-print edition.


Poems of Love, Dreams and Struggles
by Michel Smiely

"This book is an excellent experience for the educated reader, because one can appreciate the beauty of expression in two languages: English and Spanish. Poet Michel Smiely´s verse stands up well under the requirements of the two Sets of grammar, of idiomatic expression, of phrasing and rhyme.

"The verses represent one man´s triumph over the trials of life, love and relationship with God. Poems like “Homo Sapiens Curriculum Vitae”, “God´s Sthink”, Come, Cavalrymen of Apocalypses” and “If the Dead Could Speak” Will remain in the reader´s mind for their originality and boldness. Others like “You Are”, “To Die without Being Alive”, “Free” and “Tropical Rain”, will remain for their crushing sensibility.

"The scope of the poetry is wide, and the feelings that emerge are deep. It is a pleasure to share the feelings with the poet by reading his lively lines. Whether read in the English or the Spanish version, the meaning is never sacrificed for the technique, but is blended together to achieve richness and unity of style, which contributes to the reading experience".

Vantage Press, Inc. -1981-
(New York/Washington/Atlanta/Los Angeles/Chicago/USA)



The Department of Parapsychology and
Sciences Occults of the Project 666

Proudly present The 666 as a very good Poet.

The 060606 Special Edition of the poetry of The 666.

From his prohibited book:

"Poems of Love, Dreams and Struggles"

Poems of Love

(To My Most Beloved Women)

"You Cannot Live without Love"

Your sufferings were also my sufferings, "Pilar",
and your loneliness was mine, too, and
today you leave me alone with your memory
and with the satisfaction of having loved you
and having struggled to make you happy.

-Michel Smiely 666-


I believe you, "Pilar", when you say to me
that your father was what you loved
most in the world
that dead took him away
that being a doctor,
who died of cancer
and that konowing that his sickness
was incurable
had the conscience and the courage
of bearing it to its last consequences

I believe you, too,
when you say that, with the death of your father
life has changed totally for you,
who has suffered so much and is not happy
that often one arrives to

the conclusion that it´s worthless to live!
and much less to get married,
to bring children to the world
who also must suffer
"all" that you tell me
and that I believe you to live within

I believe you, "Pilar", I believe you
I believe you, "all" that you say to me
and that today corresponds to you to live through
but I do not believe you
when you affirm to me
that you can live without love.

-Michel Smiely 666

The 666´s-prohibited book:
"Poems of Love, Dreams and Struggles".
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The 666
The Poet - The Poet 666

Index of
The 060606 Special Edition of the poetry of The 666.

Poems of Love, Dreams and Struggles

-By Michel Smiely 666


The 666
English ! >>>

El 666
Español ! >>>

Book; "Project666"
English ! >>>

libro; "Proyecto 666"
Español ! >>>

"Project 666 / Proyecto 666"

Miguel Angel Sosa Vasquez - The 666 / El 666 -
( Writer name / Seudónimo literario; "Michel Smiely 666” )

"Poems of Love,
Dreams and Struggles"


The 666 are
A very good Poet.
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Book; "Poems of Love,
Dreams and Struggles"

(By Michel Smiely 666)


El 666 como Poeta
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Libro; "Poemas de Amor,
de Sueños y de Luchas"

(de Michel Smiely 666)

"Poemas de Amor, de Sueños y de Luchas"

Poems of Love,
Dreams and Struggles.

(By Michel Smiely 666)


Part One

-Poems of Love

1. Olympic Immortality>>>>

2. The Laughingstock of Everybody>>>

3. Oath of Love>>>>>>

4. Spartan`s Curse>>>

5. Run Away>>>

Part Two

-To My Most Beloved Women

6. Poem to Masako
You Are>>>

7. Poem to Soythip
That English School>>>

8. Poem to Pilar

9. Poem to Pilar
You Can not live without Love>>>

10. Poem to Pilar
I Forgive You>>>

Poem to Agnetha Fältskog
(1. Olympic Immortality)>>>

Poem to Hillary Clinton
(5. Run Away)>>>

Part Three

-Political Poems

11. Free.>>>

12. The Forbidden Latin American`s Dreams>>>

13. Tropical Rain>>>

14. The Others Will Come>>>

15. You>>>

Poems of Love,
Dreams and Struggles.

(By Michel Smiely 666)

End of the Index

Part Four

-Poems of Philosophy

16. The Sun of the Days>>>

17. To Die without Being Alive>>>

18. To Live, Man!>>>

19. Homo Sapiens Curriculum Vitae>>>

20. Our River>>>

Part Five

-Religious Poems

21. God`s Stink>>>

22. Come, Cavalrymen of Apocalypses >>>

23. And Man Created God>>>

24. The Memories of the Last Peter>>>

25. If the Dead Could Speak>>>

Part Six

-Prohibited Poems

26. They Come >>>

27. Return >>>

28. Things of the "Democracy">>>

29. The Blessings of the Church of the Lord>>>

30. They Speak of Caamaño>>>



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